Experts in internet security and access since 1984.

Interware is an ISP, a credit card processor and a software development organization.
Interware.NET began operating in November 1995. Since then, it has connected numerous individuals and companies to the internet. Interware.Net's ISP offerings include: dial-up access, dedicated high-speed internet access (via T1, adsl, sdsl, isdn), web hosting, co-location, domain name registration, email and ftp service.

The company also configures routers, and writes web-based CGI software for clients requiring specialized functions.

Interware Systems Inc.
Interware Systems Inc. has been in business since 1984 and provides customers with a variety of products and services such as:
- Software, networks (Windows 2003/2008/XP/VISTA);
- Computers, printers and peripherals;
- firewalls, routers, ups, backup solutions; and
- technical consulting.


Interware.NET & Interware Systems Inc.
Both companies work well together, share the same office space and collaborate on most projects.

Many times, the customer's computer hardware, software and internet working needs are served entirely by both Interware.Net and Interware Systems.

This idea of one stop shopping is the dominant reason why most of our customers like to deal with us.

Interware.NET pays particular attention to its clients. Aggressive marketing campaigns using email, flyers or faxing never happen. Instead, most clients are referred to us by word of mouth from other satisfied customers.

Interware.NET is very much concerned with building strong relationships with its client companies.
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